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We provide the following information with the purpose of increasing pilots awareness when flying in the vicinity of the village of Percé. As a pilot, it is your responsability to refer yourself to the most recent navigation chart of the area (Anticosti), Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), Canada Air Pilot (CAP) and Canada Flight Supplement (CFS).
AIM RAC 1.14.5 To preserve the natural environment of parks, reserves and refuges and to minimize the disturbance to the natural habitat, overflights should not be conducted below 2 000 feet AGL.

The landing or takeoff of aircraft in the national parks and national park reserves may take place at prescribed location.

To assist pilots in observing this, boundaries are depicted on the affected charts.

Carte aéronautique de navigation VFR Anticosti

Landing locations for helicopter

For the benefits of helicopter pilots, we provide, at their own risks and responsabilities, 2 landing locations in the village of Perce. Approaches must be performed respecting the special rules concerning national, provincial and municipal parks, reserves and refuges, specially the 2000' AGL restriction.
Plage de l'Île Bonaventure, Percé, Québec, Canada N48 32' 02"
W64 13' 33"
Alt.: 470 feet

Recommended approach
from the sea(north-west)

Reommended site:
back-left of the house
bottom-left of picture

Broadcast intentions
on 126,7 MHz
Plage de l'Île Bonaventure, Percé, Québec, Canada N48 30' 59"
W64 13' 15"
Alt.: 98 feet

Recommended approach:
from the mountain (west)

Recommended site:
left big building

Broadcast intentions
on 126,7 MHz

Airports in the vicinities

2 airports are located in the vicinities of Perce : Du Rocher-Perce airport (formerly Pabok airport) and Gaspe airport. We strongly recommend that you contact their administration to confirm information like, fuel availability and cost, take-off and landing fees, parking fees and airport taxes. Car rental services are available at both airports but we recommend that you make reservation ahead.
      Car rentals:
       -Chandler / Discount : 418-689-2805
       -Gaspé / Enterprise : 418-368-1541
       -Gaspé / Discount : 418-368-1970 ou sans frais : 1-844-562-2886
       -Gaspé / National : 418-368-1541 ou sans frais : 1 888-657-3035
CTG3 carte d'àérodrome Aéroport du Rocher Percé N48 23' 00"
W64 33' 87"
Alt.: 63 à 82 feet

16 nm west of
the Perce rock

CYGP carte d'àérodrome Aéroport de Gaspé N48 46' 52"
W64 28' 78"
Alt.: 112 à 89 feet

19 nm north of
the Perce rock