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The restaurants in Percé are very busy, make your reservations as soon as possible after you made your accommodation  reservation.


Maritime excursions are undoubtedly the most popular activities for tourists visiting Percé. The Bonaventure Island tour is well known  and a must.

When you arrive in Perce, you can easily purchase tickets for these excursions. As it is the weather that decides everything when it comes to activities at sea, we strongly recommend that you do not buy a ticket or make any commitments before your arrival in Perce. Tides, waves, wind and visibility are critical factors that will determine how you will rate your experience. We must therefore choose the best time.

The number of boats is sufficient to supply the demand and the schedules are quite flexible. It is therefore not necessary to take a chance to end up with unusable and / or non-refundable tickets.

Informations for pilots

We provide the following information with the purpose of increasing pilots awareness when flying in the vicinity of the village of Percé. As a pilot, it is your responsability to refer yourself to the most recent navigation chart of the area (Anticosti), Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), Canada Air Pilot (CAP) and Canada Flight Supplement (CFS).

AIM RAC 1.14.5 To preserve  the natural environment of parks, reserves and refuges and to minimize the disturbance to the natural habitat, overflights should not be conducted below 2 000 feet AGL. So you have to add 450 feet if you fly over the Perce Rock and Bonaventure Island area.

The landing or takeoff of aircraft  in the national parks and national park reserves may take place at prescribed location.

To assist pilots in observing this, boundaries are depicted on the affected charts.  MORE…